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Automate Razer devices on Linux

razer-cli is a command line interface to control Razer devices on Linux, where no official Razer driver software exists. openrazer is the driver used with razer-cli. It's a project I built independently during the last year.

I was unsatisfied with the main GUI alternatives on Linux, since they don't offer scriptability. The main thing I wanted to be able to do was setting the color of the LEDs of my Razer keyboard and mouse automatically, ideally according to the colors of my wallpaper. pywal generates color schemes from pictures, so razer-cli can use these colors to automatically set the LED colors.

Over time, more features were added to razer-cli, such as controlling DPI, brightness, different LED effects, etc.

It's part of my color everything pipeline, which tries to automatically apply color schemes to every possible device and software I have. This can be seen in action here.

Feel free to check out razer-cli and my other projects!

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