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Nevertheless, h Coded

I began coding because...

I was curious to learn how the Wordpress theme I was using at the time was made. I had absolutely no idea on what the term "coding" meant at the time. From there, I allowed my curiosity to lead to google, and research the topic. And that's when I learned about front-end, and the overall world of web development. From that moment on, I signed up to Codecademy's HTML & CSS online tutorial to help understand the concept of coding, and the rest is history...

I'm currently hacking on...

UNTOUCHD Magazine - A lifestyle magazine for women inspired by tech. In the little spare time that I have left, I am hacking away on all things React Native. It's a robust one, eh!

I'm excited about...

Learning new technologies, and help inspiring more young girls + women to dive into one of the many layers of tech.

My advice for other women who code is...

Don't be afraid. Allow your curiosity to drive you into one of the many layers of tech - no commitment necessary. The tech community is a welcoming, and positive one. There are many places to begin your journey - whether online or in-person, with many different organizations ready to help + assist you! So, go! You can do it, I'm rooting for you! I'll be your number one fan! xxh

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h is my inspiration <3

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h Author

And as you are, Leanne! I am so happy we've crossed path! I admire you oh so much! Thank you for what you are doing! I love working with you, and following your journey! You are the realest! <3