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My name is Arsen, I'm 15 years old.
I want to start studying the computer science, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone recommend books/websites/courses in this area?
Also, I want to start to learn c++. What resources would you recommend?

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Hi Arsen! A programming server that I moderate put together a list of resources to answer this question for various programming languages.

Basically, I recommend picking one programming language (which is not terribly important) and stick with studying it for at least six months before considering switching to a different language. It is important that you focus on learning programming logic rather than learning language features, which is what people end up doing when they try picking up more than one language at a time when they're first starting out.

If you're looking for an arbitrary answer to "which language should I learn?" I recommend Python.

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Thanks, Mike! Could you tell me something from computer science? Anything from theory,books or courses.


(btw, I reread your original post and saw you want to learn C++. I'm sleep deprived, sorry.)

First off, computer science and programming are not the same thing. I know this seems a little pedantic, but it matters because you don't actually use rigorous computer science methods in programming all the time. Programmers often learn CS topics because CS fundamentals are a great way to aid thinking about the problems faced in programming. Although I think the way they frame learning CS is elitist, I recommend teachyourselfcs.com for a nice curriculum and things to read. But def learn programming first, whether or not you want to go deeper into CS.

Don't worry, Arsen just edited original post and added question about C++ :D


Find something you're passionate about and start there. At your age, i was very interested in games/gaming. So i set up my own Private Server for a game called "ragnarok", which lead to the chain of events that brought me to where I am today.

Computer Science is a study, and theory is amazing, applications are endless. But, you have to find your passion for it. and working with something that engages you will definitely spark that passion.


You need to take a look at this.

Open Source Society University

If you want to learn more from other repos then visit this post from Divyesh.

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