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Mastering Fundamentals

I know this title can be a bit of click-bait, but this post is for references to myself as well to force me to dig more on the fundamentals of programming but wait...

What are the Programming fundamentals?

I know that this can be a silly question if you don't think deeply on it. I have been thinking about this for a while because the main advice for junior devs over and over is to learn and Master fundamentals but, is there a clear view which the fundamentals are?

What I mean is that the fundamentals in javascript are the same as the fundamentals in Python or C#. I don't think so, of course, they all have a lowest common denominator, and that is what I will try to achieve during this series of posts focused to those concepts that you may have a clear overall vision but do you understand them deeply?

What this series will focus?

From my understanding and I'm more than happy to hear your opinions and talk about it, at the end this post is more about to learning than to teach so, please feel free to comments if you think my vision is incorrect.

I will focus on the three languages I know Javascript, Python, and Ruby.

  • Variables and the difference between languages

  • Conditional code.

  • Loops, what is happening underneath and its types.

  • Built Data types on each language.

  • Functions/Methods release all its power.

  • Programing Paradigms.

I think this is more or less what all languages have in common, so I think those are the Programming Fundamentals.

Are you Agree? Should I add, delete something? Please comment and help me to understand and structure this series for future references.

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