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Netlify and Google Domains

lost_semicolon profile image Lost Semicolon 💻🖱 ・2 min read

I have bought my own domain for a blog! I have always wanted to do and now i did! I went with google domains as it was the cheapest domain I could find. There was a good £15 difference between sites so make sure to shop around!

The buying process was very simple - i just had to put in my card details and address. The set up.... should have been simpler.

I have hosted my site on netlify but the process should be similar.


  1. In your netlify console, go to your site and then click Domain Settings. Click the green button "Add custom domain".
    Alternatively, there will be a "getting started" banner with option 2 being "Set up your custom domain". Click that.

  2. You will now be asked to provide the name of the domain you have bought. In my case it was "".
    If you own the domain the site will ask you to verify that you are the owner. Bare in mind Netlify can also provide you with a domain.

  3. Click "verify".

  4. Netlify will now redirect you to your domain settings where you will see your domain. You will see that your domain will have have a warning, to ask you to "check your DNS configuration". Click to Options -> Set Up Netlify DNS.

  5. There is now 3 steps:
    5.1 Add domain - Netlify will ask you to re-verify your domain name
    5.2 Add DNS records - The DNS records for your Netlify sites will be configured automatically. Unless you have email set up with your domain, you can skip this bit.
    5.3 Activate Netlify DNS - Nelify will give you names of their name savers. Keep them open and head to your domain name provider.

Google Domains

  1. Go to your domain settings

  2. Click DNS

  3. In the NameServers box, select option "Use custom nameservers". For googlr domains, before I was able to add my own custom domains, I had to disable DNSSEC.

  4. Add the name servers from Netlify to the google nameservers.

And Thats it! Your domain is set up - it says it can take up to 48 hours, but in my experience its pretty speedy. took only 15 min to kick in.

Happy Coding!

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Great job! Very clear and straight forward!

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Óscar A. Montiel

But what if I want to use the Google Domain Servers?