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Reuse Your Talks

I got this tip from a friend at work last year—she and I both had talk proposals accepted. She said that one thing she wanted to get better at was preparing the talk once and then giving it at multiple places.

After this conversation, I started to notice that people do this. So, just in case you were like me (and didn't think about reusing a talk), I wanted to pass it on.

So this year, I got a talk accepted at SwiftFest, which I did a ton of work for and gave in July. Then, I looked up some iOS/Swift meetups in places I'd be and wrote the organizers. I have given the talk three more times, and I have gotten much more comfortable with it.

Each time, I think the audience got a better version. I had learned what worked, what didn't, and I'm just delivering it more confidently. And, even though there are twitch streams out there of me giving it, I'm sure no one has ever heard of me or seen them.

Now that I'm basically done giving it live, I'll do one as a video and share it here on DEV.

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