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Use not

Whenever you are asked for a GitHub link, give a link to your own site, not your GitHub profile page. I do this where ever I can.

Of course, the question is: what should be on that page? The short answer is that it's mostly a page that acts like a portfolio of your work, with some links to GitHub.

The most important things about that page is that it:

  1. Is prioritized in some way to highlight your best work
  2. Tells a story for each repo in GitHub you link to

I elaborated on this on my personal site five years ago.

To give an example here's mine:

I decided that I had enough material that a reverse chronological list was appropriate. If you do not have frequent contributions (which is totally fine), I would be more selective, put the best work at the top, and leave out dates.

I also use this page to mention that:

  1. I write apps for free for non-profits
  2. I help organize hackathons
  3. I wrote a book
  4. I write articles
  5. I speak at conferences
  6. I work at Atlassian/Trello
  7. I make small contributions to somewhat large/famous projects

When a potential employer/client looks at my GitHub, even though all of this information might be there, it's not obvious. Also, I make some contributions under organizations and that doesn't show up at all (even though they are public).

Look at your GitHub profile page and see if it's telling the story you want to tell. If you want help with yours, message me.

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