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Louise Iyengar
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Scrimba's JavaScriptmas Challenges

I'm not totally sure why I signed up for Scrimba's JavaScriptmas Challenges or even the Front-End Developer Career Path sequence I'm currently working on.

I'm old for all this. I won't tell you exactly how old, but I did watch the original moon landing from summer camp. I'm old enough that friends from college are retiring and becoming grandparents. And as for me, I'm feeling...ambitious.

My programming career stalled out recently, and frankly, it has a number of times -- due to child-rearing, illness, insecurity. I've been a COBOL programmer and a web developer in the early 90's. My head is full of historical experiences: handing in homework in the form of stacks of IBM cards, coding by hand and then fighting to get to the one terminal, 3270 terminal emulators, Y2K, OS/2, flying toasters, formatting web pages using tables, browser wars.

Recently, for some reason, I got on an email list, or saw an ad, and I started working on Front-End courses on Scrimba, which I've really enjoyed for many reasons. Then, I signed up for Scrimba's JavaScriptmas Challenges in December, a contest of 24 daily JavaScript challenges, running from Dec 1 - Dec 24.

And here's what happened: I woke up every morning excited to see the day's challenge, excited to show my work on one of Scrimba's Discord channels to see how others had more creative solutions or might have even liked my solution. I was learning and discussing ideas and code. It made my day!

I'm not quite sure what my career goals are or should be at this point. But I do know this: if you wake up every morning excited to be learning, discussing, and doing Scrimba's Front-End coding courses and challenges, then at least you know you might be on the right path to where you should end up.

These are my solutions to the JavaScriptmas challenges:

Day 24 - Agility Challenge
Day 23 - Twitter input
Day 22 - Extract Matrix Column
Day 21 - Sum of Two
Day 20 - Domain Type
Day 19 - Alphabet sequence
Day 18 - Previous smaller numbers array
Day 17 - Unique characters in a string
Day 16 - Insert Dashes in a string
Day 15 - Picture Carousel
Day 14 - Largest Difference between adjacent number in an array
Day 13 - Extract Kth number from array
**Here's what I posted first before I got a sound talking-to on Discord. But my solution passed the test suite! Ten thousand imaginary bonus points for an array that will cause my initial code to fail this challenge (remove the Kth element in an array):

function extractEachKth(nums, Kth) {
    return nums.filter((num, index) => {
        if ((index + 1) % Kth) { return num }
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Day 12 - Check for valid time
Day 11 - Lowest number of jumps between numbers in array
Day 10 - Largest product of adjacent values in array
Day 9 - Sum of odd Fibonacci numbers
**This isn't a slick solution, but an efficient way to solve this problem, I think.
Day 8 - Roll Dice
**Ok, it's not Dave Alger's amazing rolling dice, but I kind of like my work here, given my nascent CSS skills, especially the JS creation of the dice.
Day 7 - Calculate vowels/consonants in string
Day 6 - Sort array by length of string
Day 5 - Reverse string without array method
Day 4 - Century from year
Day 3 - Chunky Monkey
Day 2 - Deposit profit
Day 1 - Candies

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