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How to face COVID-19 crisis as an E-commerce /online business

Due to COVID-19, many online businesses are struggling and having difficult times. Some business areas are more impacted than others and it mainly depends on products/services they are offering.
In this post, i’ll share some ideas and recommendations on how to deal with this difficult period so keep reading !

Like every crisis, there are winners and losers :

Potential losers :

  • Travel
  • Events based
  • Luxury
  • Jewelry

Potential winners :

  • Online leisure (video games, electronics)
  • Children toys
  • Health products (vitamins, food supplements)
  • News
  • Software and SaaS
  • Online courses
  • Grocery (household products)
  • Food, beverages and coffee
  • Headphones
  • Homeschooling stuff
  • Books

1-Communicate about your company principals and values
2-Get your business run remotely
3-Define and communicate your new way to work
4-Keep the contact with your audience
5-Pursue your content production but differently
6-Work on your technical SEO issues
7-Be ready for the surge when things get better

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Helen Anderson

Hi there, Articles should not primarily be used for driving traffic to an article on another website. Please post the entire article here on DEV (if you have proper rights).