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Free everyday tools for a software engineer

As software engineers we want to be sure we use our time in a productive way. Our software industry changes on weekly bases, and it is good to step back every now and then and check if we use the best possible tools available.

Of course, we can use many project/technology dependent tools, but here I will share a few tools I use on daily bases, no matter what kind of work I do as an engineer at that moment.

  • Visual Studio Code Some would say it is an IDE mainly intended for web development, but I use it as a default text editor.

  • SourceTree Still the best Git client imho.

  • Trello I use this free "tasks list" tool for my personal tasks on the work, and also for shared team tasks on the projects if no demand for advanced tools like Jira.

  • Awesome screenshot Chrome extension tool that helps me easily share my screenshots with custom marks in case of bug reports or similar.

  • Postman Handy tool to save and execute HTTP requests. If endpoints require dynamic/custom authorization, I configure them with "Pre-request Script".

  • DevPal Handy tool for quick conversions & similar operations such as Base64 & URL encoding/decoding, hashing, random UUID.

  • Docker Many reasons to use docker. For instance having the same setup as in production environment, not polluting your OS with new installations you plan to use, etc.

  • Diagrams Whenever working on a complex thing, multi-disciplinary task, or on processes, I like to visually depict it with this tool and share it with my team to be in sync.

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Alexey Melezhik

thanks for tools reference.

You might also be interested in - repository of plugins for daily devs/ops/devops tasks. I constantly add new plugins.

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Chad Adams

I personally find Insomnia REST API way better than Postman. its open source and free. Has all the same features and free plan allows you to do more.

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Lukas Garcia

I haven't tried it yet, I guess I should.
Thanks for sharing this.