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How to Create a Small Web App with SSI Web Service

I will break down the steps to create a web app with State Saving Interpreter Web Service, an interpreter written in Prolog that runs List Prolog.

  1. Convert the Prolog algorithm to List Prolog

I installed Prolog-to-List-Prolog from

In a new file, in the Prolog-to-List-Prolog folder, I entered:

cultivate_person(A,B):-writeln("Do you create the person?"),read_string(A),writeln("Do you switch them on to existing for the rest of their life?"),read_string(B).


The output is:

[[n,writeln],[""Do you create the person?""]],
[[n,writeln],[""Do you switch them on to existing for the rest of their life?""]],

  1. Modify and Run Application

I installed SSI from

In a new file in SSI I entered:


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[[n,writeln],["Do you create the person?"]],
[[n,writeln],["Do you switch them on to existing for the rest of their life?"]],

This includes the output from the first step and optional type and mode statements. Note: two double quotes have been replaced with one. Also, the query was cut from within the brackets as you can see.

In, I changed:




In my web browser, I visited my localhost at

And here is an image of the first page of the web app in the browser:
(It reads:
Do you create the person?
[Text Box]
Submit Button)

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12 12 57 am

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