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📦Unity - Testing Multiplayer locally

Would you like to build a multiplayer game in Unity and playtest it locally?
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So, In my current project i' m developing a multiplayer game in Unity. Now it came to the fact that I wanted to test multiplayer functionalities quickly and without much effort. To build the project every time I wanted to test a functionality seemed way too much work. After some research and several paid options I found ParrelSync. A free OpenSource extension for Unity.

Parrel Sync creates one or more clones of your project, which are synchronized with your main project. If you start the game in the open windows you can test all multiplayer features.


To start the installation it is recommended to use a version control system like Git or SVN.
However, to install the extension it' not enough to search for it in the AssetStore. The latest release of the extension can be found on Github. Here you have to download the .unitypackage file (ParrelSync-version.unitypackage
After that you can import the .unitypackage file into your project in the Unity Editor under "Assets => Import Package => Custom Package...". ParrelSync should appear at the top of the menu bar without restarting the editor.
Alt Text


To create a clone of the current project click on "ParrelSync => Clones Manager => Create new clone". ParrelSync will now copy the entire project into a new project folder. This may take a short moment. After that you can start the clone via the Clones Manager with "Open in New Editor".
Alt Text
By starting both instances you can test a multiplayer game directly in Unity.


I made very good experiences with ParrelSync and can highly recommend to use the tool to locally test a Unity multiplayer game.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment. If you want to learn more about Unity Multiplayer be sure to follow me.
I hope this post could save you some time of searching.

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