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First Week of Telescope

This week has been a tough week with the issues I have been trying to solve. This week I was focusing how to start integrating React Native into Telescope through this discussion. A lot of good things came from the discussion like:

  • Keeping a Monorepo.
  • Deciding on the Expo CLI.
  • An idea on a UI library to start with.

After figuring out how to move forward with the React Native, I wanted to fix an issue for the Release but I never got to make it. I was working on CSP error in Dashboard with inline (“script-src” #2511). I was able to get CSP examples from Amasia. After reading through the website I tried the two methods of fixing the issue, hashing the function and putting it in the script-src or using nonces on the scripts causing the errors. I took me awhile to hack away with these methods as I thought the material-UI library was causing the scripting error but, I figured out that it was not. After trying to use the debugger to figure out the problem I had to take a break and step away from the computer for a little bit. I am hoping to look back at it with a pair of fresh eyes this week and finally close these issues. After I finish this issue and another issue assigned to me, I want to officially kick off React Native development.

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