Emulating Xmonad in JavaScript - Part 3

luke profile image Luke Barnard ・1 min read

a GIF showing bash and terminal focussing

a GIF showing terminal swapping

a GIF showing less working quite well in shmonad

Look! I made more progress!

This week has mostly been bug-fixing and reverse-engineering the functionality of certain control sequences.

One method I've found very useful is opening Terminal.app and running

 $ printf '\e#8'   # fill the terminal screen with "E" (no really)
 $ printf '\e[XXX'

to see what happens!

I'm slowly starting to realise (a) how complicated terminals are, (b) how tricky ANSI control sequences are as an API and (c) that I'm trying to write an ASNI-compliant terminal in Node.js...

This week's post is a short one, and I'll make sure to post another one ASAP.


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See you next time folks, thanks for reading.

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