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Time and Date with JavaScript

This section is all about the best JavaScript libraries for handling date and time. These libraries are used to simplify and handle the complexity of dates and times in JavaScript. There are many advantages to using these JavaScript libraries which include the fact that they can help you with parsing, formatting, and setting a wide variety of date/time formats.
The most popular JavaScript library for handling date and time is Moment.js. Other libraries for handling date/time include:
-date-fns - this library provides you with a large amount of functions for working with dates
-moment - this library has been deprecated but it still remains one of the most popular
-datejs - this library provides you with a simple interface to work with dates
Dates and times are essential in a variety of fields. JavaScript has a lot of libraries to help programmers handle these two concepts better.
The JSS date library is the most popular one used for date handling. It is open-source and provides a lot of options for developers who need it. The library provides methods for parsing, formatting, manipulating, and generating dates, as well as handling time zones and calendars.
This JSS library can be used with other JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React or Vue just by including the library with the respective framework package manager (NPM or Yarn).

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