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Compilation of useful Telegram channels for Python devs

Just sharing a list of telegram channels that I personally use. Feel free to add on

@PythonHub (News & links about Python programming)
@pythonetc (Regular tips about Python and programming in general)
@pythondaily (Daily Python News, Question, Tips and Tricks, Best Practices on Python Programming Language)
@devchampions (The most relevant links, books, and educational materials for software developers)
@ProgrammingTip (Fun & Useful Programming)
@theprogrammingart (A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers)
@iamluminousmen (blog related articles and messages about Python, Big Data and ML)
@pythonl (Python/Django posts, articles, tricks, and news)

Thank you for reading!

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You have compiled a lovely list. I have found another article about Data Science Telegram channels; it might be useful for Data Science enthusiasts.