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My first Front End Developer Job

I wanted to share my experience so far at my first job as a Front End Developer.

I've never believed I would get into the industry to be honest.

I was thrilled with the idea of working as a developer but I truly never believed it would happen.

And so it did!

Going back one year I decided that I would do everything to work as a developer, so I started building some personal side projects at home and learning how to code and work with new technologies and methodologies.

After my first day of work, although feeling happy and that I've accomplished my goal, I felt really really scared and I thought of quitting...

I felt out of place and that maybe after all this hard work this wasn't a job for me and that I wasn't ready for it.

I've learned a lot of new things in my first day and that was daunting.

How I did not give up

I kept focused on my objective and tried to have a little bit more fun at work. I've always loved learning new things, specially in this industry and that's what I did, I saw it as a fun learning experience.

3 Months after...

When I started writing this post I had just finished my first day at the new job.

I never ended it because I had to focus a lot on my work and I had to learn a couple of new frameworks, coding techniques and how to work with the command line.

So it has been a great experience after all. I am learning quite a lot really fast and I am enjoying it.

It has been a real challenge in every aspect.

I am quite happy with my performance and I aim to keep learning more about coding, mainly Front End and eventually learn some Back End development.

I hope to keep climbing up the ladder! :)

Photo byย Andreas Wagnerย onย Unsplash

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