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My first Full Stack Developer Job

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share that after one year of struggling to get a job as a developer I finally did it!

I aimed for front end development but ended up as a full stack and I am really happy!

happiness aside, I feel scared after my first day at work.

I've learned a lot already but I am starting to feel a bit out of place and like quitting...

I shouldn't have said that but I feel like giving up. It seems that I do not have what it takes and that web development might not be for me after all...

I am feeling a bit down because of this but I am trying to hold on and not to give up...

Thanks for hearing me out!

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Jesse Egbosionu

You'll make it and be fine. It's just that initial feeling. Happy for you.

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I hope so! It's my third day and I am a bit more calm now. Thanks for your words :)