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FrontEnd Development Challenge – Introduction

I am going to start a personal challenge where I'll learn different parts of front end development.

This post will help me to not give up on this challenge and keep moving forward.

I have a goal to become a professional front end developer. I am missing some core knowledge at the moment and I want to fix that.

So I am going to learn from the basics and I'll share my learnings and provide some insights about topics that I will be learning.

I'll use Frontend Developer Roadmap as my guide. You can check it out here and I definitely recommend you to read it.

I am really excited to do this!

Wish me luck :)

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Jhonathan Rodríguez

I will be watching your publications. I am in the same situation, I am starting this path to be a Front-End Developer, too.

Good luck, bro!

lurb3 profile image

Thanks, really nice to know that.
Good luck for you too! :D