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List of the 7 best Spotify Alternative apps to play millions of songs for free

It is recommended that you have other options when listening to music directly from your mobile or from any device and with total simplicity. Therefore, Spotify alternatives also show excellent characteristics for the reproduction of any genre of music in streaming and completely free.

  1. Google play music

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Here you all know about the best Spotify alternatives for listening to music online. You can enjoy the best music streaming, along with other features of considerable interest and benefits.

  1. Youtube music

Youtube Music is the best Spotify Alternative, this is the best music streaming option out there which includes so many functions for computers, as well as for Android and iOS mobile phones.

It shows an extremely elegant and simple to use interface that, in addition to everything, integrates perfectly with the Google Home speaker.

  1. Musicall

As a Spotify alternative, this is one of the best to enjoy streaming music completely free of charge, and thus, it offers an extensive catalog based mainly on the music libraries of the YouTube platform.

You can locate any song, album, or artist and obtain absolutely complete and sectioned results. It allows you to listen to music without an Internet connection and through any device of your choice.

  1. Apple music

Apple Music is the most popular service for iOS users to enjoy unlimited streaming that has a monthly subscription plan that can be canceled individually or as a family plan.

This Spotify Alternative allows access to up to 50 million songs and radio stations. For greater coverage, it can be used on Apple Watch and even provides an Android version. Although it is not available for any computer operating system.


This app is the best Spotify alternative, thanks to the fact that it is a kind of social network of musical tastes and also, it manages to reproduce music online with the help of YouTube or it allows you to buy it from iTunes directly.

In short, it is a service that works for free and, for greater advantage, it offers reliable data on the most listened to songs in the world in real-time.

  1. Deezer Music

Deezer Music has a library that adds more than 53 million songs and allows you to listen to music online, communicate privately with the community and receive various recommendations attached to the musical tastes you specify once you register on the platform.

  1. SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud Music is another ideal Spotify alternative to perfectly replace Spotify, we recommend this application where you can directly search for songs of all genres, artists, and other users if you wish.

This Spotify Alternative has been classified as an independent website that is in charge of promoting projects that, until now, are in their first steps and thus, aims to position itself as one of the mainstreaming music apps and, of course, it has succeeded.


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