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Game dev for beginners like me

You can see the original post with the game developed in my personal blog

In the beginner of this is, I've got into a vibe of thoughts which I questioned what I liked to program. The good side and bad of been a dev is that you end up doing a lot of different stuff and, by consequence of the market, you end up in other fields of acting. I went through the banking sector, ERP of small enterprises, hospital management, and maybe in the near future banking sector again. The point is that in programming, you can do a lot of stuff, a lot of interesting stuff. But knowing what you really like to program is another 500.

Been in love with programming is an extra bust of productive, that even when you're tired and exhaust you are going to code because you like it. You enjoy coding that, so you will do, you will learn and get motivated by the end of the day.

What was always in love was RPG games, so I'm gonna on an adventure to learn how to make games.

Found out some articles to help me find the right path to follow.

This article by @arnaudmorisset clarify some doubts of which language and where to start. It made go motivated to C# and Unity. Why? Just because I know how to code in C# and I like it.

Thus, I followed a Youtube tutorial from GamePlusJames and learn it a lot of stuff about 2D games and scripting with Unity. The fact of knowing C# helped a lot but still got some doubt.

Doubts that came while doing Snowball Fight Tutorial:

  1. How to build the project? Unity has a lot of different types of building your project and configs. Which one I use and why? In the last video, he explains how to build and configure to play on windows.
  2. There is a way to make Unit Test to my business logic?
  3. How to connect on database?
  4. How to use HTTP Request to other services?

The path I've found:

This tutorial from GamePlusJames is perfect for those that don't know yet how to programming and don't know anything about Unity. He explains very well what he is doing through the videos.

There is this Udemy class Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games that teaches you how to program C# from the start and stuff about Unity. You will code at least 4 projects during the classes.

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