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Old Paper Books style for Ebooks Readers.

This PDF-Reader has the setting to change both font and Background colors
to fit whatever kind of theme you want, either black background, white text, or the default opposite or... a Cool Old Book Scent style <3 ;)

so Download Sumatra-PDF Reader from here >

Open The Program and follow these steps as in the pic

Sumatra-PDF > Settings > Advanced Options .

Edit those to Lines

TextColor = #000000 -> Black Font.
BackgroundColor = #F8ECC2 -> old books paper color.

حفظ = "Save"


The #F8ECC2 is the same color as the old paper books color.
and you can use whatever you like as background color or font color by changing the Hex Color from the Setting File.

you can use this Website here:
to choose any color you like.

I used the color that Gives you the old feeling of
reading a Fine old book <3

Happy Reading ;) #LyJoker

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moezhmouma profile image
Mo'ez Hmoumah

Yet it has no RTL support for epub and mobi books. But it's the best for pdf.

lyjoker profile image
Momen Fathi

actually, it does!... as far as i've used it hahaha