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The ultimate sticker list for developers

If there's one thing all coders love, it's stickers. If you've ever gone to a conference, you will have definitely seen loads of laptops covered in various layers of them.

There are multiple ways to get some cool stickers in your hands (or in your computer's lid!). You can often get them at conferences and meetups, and you can also buy some cool packs online, but there's a third way. Sometimes, companies will go crazy and mail you free stickers just for trying out their product, filling a survey, etc. This article aims to be a periodically-updated list of all those free offers, classified by the effort it'd take you to get each:


  • Aside from being an awesome company and the best place to host your static sites, Netlify also offers you some beautiful stickers just by filling a form. While it's not required, I'd highly encourage you to thank them on Twitter.
  • JSBin is also high on the stickers game. They're doing regular postal runs, and all you have to do to get on the next one is fill out this form. The only downside with these is that it may take some time to get sent, as they only do bi-monthly or quarterly send outs. If you request stickers, how about thanking them on Twitter?
  • If you like privacy, VPNs or moles, chances are you'll like Mullvad stickers. You can get some by following the instructions on their website (you only have to send an email).

Minimal effort

  • If you're up for some fun you'll love Twilio's offer. They have made a retro game that teaches you how to use their service, and will send you some stickers if you complete it (and a shirt!). Learn more in their explainer video, and thank them on Twitter if you end up taking the offer.
  • Here's another fun challenge: Register on DevRant (a rant and joke social network for developers) and post something that gets 30++ to unlock some free stickers. When you get them, thank them directly on DevRant :D

Medium effort

  • Eager to contribute to open-source? NativeScript is offering some cool stickers (including an exclusive Contributor one) for contributing to the community. You can thank them in your contribution, I'm sure they'll appreciate it!
  • Are there any other OSS projects rewarding their contributors with stickers? Yes there are! opsdroid will send you their contributor sticker pack once you get your first PR merged to their repos. Don't forget to :thank: them in the PR description!
  • If you have any energy left for open-source, Kong will mail you a shirt when you get a PR merged to their main repository, as described in their contributing guide. Again, thank them in the PR body with some sweet :emoji:
  • Finally, if you are in North America or Europe, Codeship will send you lots of stickers and a shirt if you submit 15 builds in their platform. If you hit any roadblocks when adding your projects, the best gift you can possibly make is reporting it!

Big effort

Have I missed any other awesome offer? Is your company offering stickers, and would like to get listed here? Reach out to me on Twitter!

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