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Micro - A cloud native development platform

Hey all,

This is the first update from us at Micro. Micro is a cloud native development platform which focuses on making developers more productive through an open source framework, runtime and platform for the cloud.

To give you a few updates. Firstly, we've created a GitHub Sponsors page which enables anyone to support our work and get a shiny badge on their GitHub profile to signify their involvement with Micro. We see this as a way of raising awareness for Micro, creating a new developer movement and providing first access to the Micro Platform when it's ready.

We recently also announced the Micro Server, an open source distributed systems runtime for the cloud and beyond. This is the logical evolution of our toolkit into something more complete to serve the needs of developers. We've been incredibly successful with a framework but found that developers needed a lot more in the world of Kubernetes, a way to reduce the cognitive load which the server attempts to do.

We also created a new awesome-micro project on github for anyone who's new to Micro or wants to contributing their awesome projects.

Otherwise please join us on Slack and Discord if you want to learn more or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. And for the developers, head directly to GitHub.

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