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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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Create an app with react(context api) and ruby on rails by using chakraUI and Formik


The main goal of this app to understand how to create a react app on the basis of rails back-end api with the mixture of context-api(react) and chakraUI.

App Overview

It is a CRUD app. Front-end is totally generic. You can use this react front-end app with any back-end api e.g django or node.
In the previous React+Rails(RR) app, I used different structure and I mentioned that difference in the end.

Live Demo: blogApp
GitHub Repos:

This App will help you:

  • To configure and create a react app with rails back-end api.
  • To use context api.
  • To make async requests inside context api.

Built with

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Reactjs (context api, react hooks, react-router)
  • React-icons
  • ChakraUI
  • Formik

Previous apps


CRUD app in react without any back-end using chakraUI and context-api.
Live Demo: reactBlog
GitHub repo: Github
Post: Dev


CRUD app in react+rails with tailwindcss. In this app, front-end and back-end are handled inside a single project while in new one front-end and back-end are separate and in this way more easy to manage.
Live Demo: reactOnrails
GitHub Repo: RailsReact Blog
Post: Dev

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gabrielchuan profile image
Gabriel Chuan

I've taken a look at the code as of 4/9/2020. I don't think there's the use of React Context API anywhere in your code unless I'm mistaken? Your post title and description is a little misleading in this case.

m_ahmad profile image
Muhammad Ahmad • Edited

Hi Gabriel,
Post title and description is not misleading. I think you checked the wrong repo code or didn't check code completely.
Repository link is already mentioned in the description.
Here is the link of the repo:
You can check the context API in the following files and also in some other files.