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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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I made changelog page for my portfolio website

A Changelog page for any website is a good way to keep your audience up to date with new and meaningful changes.
In my previous post, I mentioned that I'll create changelog page for my portfolio website. So I got free time on the weekend and worked on it.

Page link: ma-ahmad/changelog
Github repo:

I used Github Api to fetch PR's of my portfolio website. You can play with Github Api according to your requirements.


Note: I used above mentioned packages for mdx content processing.

Here is a chunk of code where I'm processing mdx content after fetching PR's list of my portfolio website.

import remark from 'remark'
import html from 'remark-html'

//Component code
const [prDataState, setPrDataState] = useState(null)
const processPrBody = async () => {
    await prData?.map(async (obj) => {
      if (obj.body) {
        const htmlBody = await remark().use(html).process(obj.body)
        obj['body_html'] = String(htmlBody)
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Complete File code

Page Image

page Imag

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