Linux Syslog Server And Log Management

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1 The Logging Service
2 Rsyslog Daemon
3 Configuring Rsyslog
4 Rsyslog Port
5 Rsyslog Facilities
6 Rsyslog Levels (Priorities)
7 Rsyslog actions
8 Combining Rsyslog Selectors
9 Rsyslog Filters
10 Systemd-journald Service
11 Syslog-ng
11.1 Syslog-ng Source Statements
11.2 Syslog-ng Destination Statements
11.3 Syslog-ng Filters Statements
11.4 Syslog-ng Log Statements
12 Logging syslog-ng Messages in SQL Database
13 Log Files Locations
14 Using Logrotate


Hope you like it.


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