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Elixir Wizards Talk: "Dealing With a Monster Ecto Query"

Last month, I spoke at the first-ever Elixir Wizards Conference. It was a lightning talk walking through a refactor I did before the 2020 US Presidential Election, titled "Dealing With a Monster Ecto Query."

I work for a news company, so the presidential election is a huge deal; we can't have downtime. I knew which query was our bottleneck, so I optimized it right before the election. This took advantage of a few Elixir features, like atoms, the pin operator, and concurrency primitives.

You can watch the talk below:

Source code for slides

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Daniel Kukula • Edited

Hi @maco , great example but is there any chance that you can compare your approach with having the 4 separate queries connected with union or union_all instead sending 4 queries?

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Travis Fantina

Wow, "Elixir Wizards" is a great name for an Elixir conference. I will give this a watch when I have some downtime.

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Elixir Wizards is actually a podcast originally, and they decided to start a conference.