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Madelene Campos
Madelene Campos

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WeCoded 2023

I pledge to embrace equality in tech by...

continuing to pay it forward. In 2019, I started and organized a PyLadies chapter in Miami, because none existed at the time. Now, we have joined chapters with PyLadies SWFL to make one PyLadies SoFlo! Now that I live in Bristol, England, I plan on doing the same; paying my knowledge forward.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have positively impacted my workplace by...

showing that diverse viewpoints are what make problem-solving effective. I believe that approaching a problem in a unique way, together, helps solve that problem in the best possible way.

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Renan Ferro

Wow that's great. Your initiative is very interesting and cool, it is very rewarding to make a difference in our community, whether on the internet or in real life! Congratulations