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Daily - Made with Vue js showcase | Made with Javascript

Daily - Made with Vue js showcase | Made with Javascript

Curated dev news delivered to your new tab \U0001F469\U0001F3FD‍\U0001F4BB

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Daily is an open source browser extension which provides curated dev news to your new tab.

It gathers and ranks articles from tens of unique sources to help developers stay updated with the most relevant developer news. You can bookmark items, sync your data across devices, and read when you want. It works offline as well and has a progressive web app (PWA) for mobile.

Daily is:

  • 🌟 Well-maintained: We are working continuously to introduce new features, fix bugs, and improve user experience — 40+ releases on average in a year.
  • ♾ Constantly Updated: Daily's article feed is constantly updated. As soon as new articles get published, they start appearing in Daily.
  • 🧵 Open Source: Daily is completely open source. You can see the code to learn how it works, and contribute to help it improve.

Want to get your Javascript project Featured on Made with Javascript?

  • It is very easy to submit your project, especially if you are a developer. Just go to this github repository and create a PR with a file for your project.
  • If you are not a developer and will like to submit a project for Made with Javascript, just fill out the below form and we will get in touch!
  • If you still have any queries, shoot an email to us at

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