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Mamadou Alpha Diallo
Mamadou Alpha Diallo

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Scrimba 24 challenges

My name is Alpha,

I thought my journey to life will be much more interesting than it is right now, but I know if I give up right now I will never know what is this thing called success, that why I made a promise to my self to never give up, to never loose hope and to always do my best in everything I do.

I came across scrimba one year ago while I was looking for a beginner react course, it was new to me and awesome at the same time this way of interacting with the instructor code, since then I have followed many free courses from the platfrom and they are all great, when starting this challenge I was fair a bit nervous but this is what I said to my self.

If you have the fear of trying new things you'll never progress, and this pushed me to try, and I've solved all challenges to date.

here they are

Day 1. Candies

Day 2. Deposit Profit

Day 3. Chunky Monkey

Day 4. Century From Year

Day 5. Reverse String

Day 6. Sort By Length

Day 7. Count Vowel Consonant

Day 8. Rolling Dice

Day 9. Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Day 10. Adjacent Elements Product

Day 11. Avoid Obstacles

Day 12. Valid Time

Day 13. Extract Each Kth

Day 14. Maximal Adjacent Difference

Day 15. Javascript Carousel

Day 16. Insert Dashes

Day 17. Different Symbols naive

Day 18. Array Previous Less

Day 19. Alphabet Subsuquence

Day 20. Domain Type

Day 21. Sum of 2

Day 22. Extract Matrix Column

Day 23. Twitter Input Component

Day 24. Test Your Agility

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davealger profile image

awesome - seriously the only difference between a junior and pro is never giving up

madiallo profile image
Mamadou Alpha Diallo

thanks for your kind words