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Introducing the EyeDropper API

The EyeDropper API has landed in Chrome 95. This API opens up a lot of possiblities. A user can select colors from images, create her/his own color-theme, and much more.

Let's built a simple, ultra-small ColorPicker, using this new API.

First, we need a form with a large selection-area, a hue-slider, and an output:

<form class="picker" id="app">
  <fieldset class="background" name="background">
    <div class="brightness"></div>
    <div class="saturation"></div>
  <label aria-label="hue">
    <input type="range" name="hue" max="360" value="0" data-blok="range">
  <output name="hex" data-value="#ff0000"></output>
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The selection-area consists of a background with the main color, as well as saturation and lightness layers, which are gradients on top of that color:

Background with saturation and lightness

The hue-slider is a regular <input type="range">, styled with 12 color-stops (360 degrees / 12 = a stop every 30 degree):


To update the hue as we drag the hue-slider, we need a bit of JavaScript, updating a simple custom property, --hue:

app.elements.hue.addEventListener('input', () =>'--hue', app.elements.hue.valueAsNumber));
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Next, if the EyeDropper API is supported in the browser (currently only Chrome 95+), we'll add a click-listener to the selection-area:

if ('EyeDropper' in window) {
app.elements.background.addEventListener('click', pickColor)
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And finally, we'll invoke the EyeDropper API with the pickColor-function:

async function pickColor() {
  const ED = new EyeDropper();
  const result = await;'--hex', result.sRGBHex);
  app.elements.hex.dataset.value = result.sRGBHex;
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Now, try it out:


And that's it! A ColorPicker with approx 200 bytes of JavaScript, when minified and gzipped.

In a real-life scenario, you'd probably add a “selection”-circle, listen for pointer-move-events etc., but this should get you started.

Here's a Codepen-demo:

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