What's on your browser's New tab?

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So far I've tried 4 different configurations:

  • Default Chrome New tab. Simple and clean. Great for quick access to most visited sites.


  • Momentum. Great for keeping track of to-dos and get inspiring quotes. Packed nicely with some beautiful images.


  • Daily.dev. Lots of tech news and post from various sources (configurable). I became too distracted from my daily tasks.


  • Devo. My current New tab set-up. I like how it displays trending news and hot projects/apps both at the same view.


How is your browser's New tab configured?

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All things productivity. 🎯🚀💯


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Simple screen with Duck Duck Go my default search engine.

DDG isn't as good as Google but if i'm not finding what I need I can search:

keyword !g

And it will display Google search results instead.


they are slowly getting there on indexing, lots of improvement since the initial stages, tho a lot of stuff to improve as well ;)


Hey @madza thank you for reviewing daily.dev!
We'd love to chat with you and get some feedback on our product so we can improve its user experience :) If it works for you shoot us an email to hi@daily.dev 🙏🏼



Show popular and newest technologies and packages, you can customize it. (:


Default Monument New Tab_ I just like it...


Momentum <3

Having a new image everyday breaks the daily routine and allows my eyes to escape from the 'dark themes ubiquity' for few seconds.


I still love it, just trying some other options out to see how they would improve my knowledge, workflow and productivity :)