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What's you favorite headless CMS?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

A headless CMS is a back-end only content management system (CMS) built from the ground up as a content repository that makes content accessible via a RESTful API for display on any device.

So far I've aware of Contentful, Sanity, Strapi and Ghost.

Which is your favorite headless CMS and why?


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Not sure if this counts as headless CMS.
But I used Eleventy + Netlify CMS for a while, was pretty powerful.

Changed to just publishing from source, since it was quicker for me personally.
Really gone away from CMS's all together.


My faves:

  • Ghost for simple blogs
  • Strapi for containerised architecture
  • Webiny for serverless architecture

I like Storyblok.

Some of the others on this list are probably better for enterprise-level, but for smaller projects Storyblok's pricing is nice, and it maps pretty well to React components. And setup is relatively simple.


We're having a lot of fun using DatoCMS.
It has modular content fields which we can map to React components so the CMS users can fully customise all the items on a page.


I use DatoCMS at work too. Love it.


I have used Netlify CMS only, and can say it is one of the best available headless CMS out there.👌


So if you have only used one CMS, how can you compare it to others and tell that it is one of the best?


I deal with a lot of headless CMSes through my work. The favorite really varies based on the organization. Every headless CMS can deliver content via API, the differences come in when you consider how big the organization is, its need (or lack thereof) for multiple environments, the number of editors, and which out of the box integrations are useful.

Some additional ones are:


I never used one, but when I have a use case I'm giving strapi a try for sure, great documentation, it generates empty code blocks, which means I can modify the endpoint myself if I want, being able to modify default behavior impressed me, it's also 2019 js award winner


Graph cms and Contentful, both are great PaSS headless CMS's. Something nice about not hosting the cms. I just pick if I need GraphQL or REST


I use dev.to as my CMS :)


Best Markdown Editor is by far best markdown CMS out there. bestmarkdowneditor.com


Looks really cool (I love Markdown) but not a headless cms from what I can see. Am I missing the api? (because that would be cool)


Here is the documentation. You can go here to use it for free (it's only 1 dollar a month if you decide you'd like to support it). There is a test account token that you can use to try it risk free.

If you try it out and have any feedback I would LOVE to hear it and use it to improve my app. :)


I like to work with strapi


I do like the approach of Cockpit CMS, although the code-field on posttypes is undocumented (from what i know). The interface/fonts could be improved, but i like the technical approach


I really love Keystone. It has all for the creation of big applications.



It's a headless CMS with a preconfigured blog engine, so you don't have to spend time building one (or if you want to customize one you can do that too). It also has full CMS capabilities.


Directus works for me. Especially to provide clients with a simple dashboard to create data. And I can host it on my docker machine.


I have been playing around with RawCMS on .NET Core.


I've used almost every headless cms out there, but right now, these 3 are by far my favorites.

Top 3

  • DatoCMS (great UI/UX and seamless SEO)
  • Strapi (self hosted)
  • GraphCMS