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Why I love programming

I am now for 16 years in this industry. And still I become exited about new technologies and there possibilities.
I like to have the chance to program everything what comes in my mind.

I have a boring workflow? I can write a script for this.
I want to scan a qr code to prepare my groceries and prepping the week? I have a script for that.
The current look of my media center is not on point of my taste? I can change how I want it, or writing one from scratch.
I want to build my custom keyboard? Considered as done.

And with every small script, or every time I "just play" I am learning new stuff or even new languages.

I started with rust, because of curiosity, and start to work on a media center based on mpv.
On the way, I learn rust with real problems to solve. How to do Frontend, how to manage Backend. Writing to a database and on a socket to use mpv. Scanning the directories for Content, and ask third-party APIs to get movie informations and some other bits and bytes to solve my problems, or my feature list.

Today I played around with python and speech-recognition and hacking something together to have an alexa "clone".

I wrote a tool for smoke testing our solutions also in rust. This contains writing on a message queue, and getting the logs from the remote server, where the solutions is deployed. Of course in that manner, that I just can copy and paste the outcome to jira. Now when I am thinking of, my next task will be that the smoke tester will do the comment as well (yeah I am lazy af and hate jira).

I am using awesome wm. You can literally program every aspect and not only related to the look and feel. Its written in Lua. I write lots of smaller things in bash.

The power of coding in general is, to make my life easier when I am sitting at my pc. I really enjoy the process of fiddling stuff out, learn new languages or get a peak in side a new technology. To solve complex problems and provide a program for that in the best way possible, is pure excitement for me.

I hope that I will never lose that joy and my curiosity for my profession. I am really in the lucky position, that my hobby is my job.

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