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Mahmoud Alaraby
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CSS Frameworks With Most Stars on GitHub ⭐

  1. Bootstrap - 147K ⭐

  2. Semantic UI - 48.9K ⭐

  3. Bulma - 42.4K ⭐

  4. Materialize - 38.3K ⭐

  5. Tailwind - 35.2K ⭐

  6. Foundation - 28.9K ⭐

Which one is your favourite?

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Rob Levin

I used to bag on BS but it's pretty solid and most folks are using it insanely incorrectly. It's actually extremely customizable and well written. I say this as a competitor with my own framework (but I use BS 5 at work and have to give credit where it's due).

Not a fan of SemanticUI (although I've heard the original creator on a podcast and found him very likable). The code was extremely long winded for my taste and felt bloated. That said, he did some ground-breaking theming stuff. I don't believe he's still involved with this project if I recall I looked at how long ago the commits were. Poor guy probably just wasn't getting any $ for all this work. Open source maintaining is tough.

Bulma I dunno honestly.

Materialize I don't have much experience with but when we used it I always had to fight it to customize.

Tailwind is obviously working greatly for a lot of folks. But I just can't yet bring myself to learn an entire DSL on top of CSS just to litter my markup with these. I kind of deal with a lot of CSS utilties poop at work already so I'm good avoiding it. But again, I realize it's hugely popular and does work. Just my opinion.

Foundation. The Zurb folks are insanely smart and some of this work was groundbreaking at the time. How actively is this updated or maintained though?

Check out also openprops which is sort of like a tailwind but using css custom properties. Also check out my AgnosticUI. Maybe if you're using React check out ChakraUI.

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John zuo


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Mahmoud Alaraby

Nice ❤