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TIL 1: PendingIntent & WorkManager

Today I learned a.k.a TIL a series of posts where I share staff i learned daily.


I was developing a Notification-App and used PendingIntent with Notification and faced a case that seems strange.

The case is that PendingIntent open Activity with with extra string but when two Notifications comes with two different strings when clicked on both i got first string of them in two cases while i expect getting two different strings.

        // Create an explicit intent for an Activity in your app
        val intent = Intent(context, {
            flags = Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK or Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TASK
            putExtra(AppConstants.NOTIFICATION_EXTRA_TITLE, title)
            putExtra(AppConstants.NOTIFICATION_EXTRA_MESSAGE, message)

        val pendingIntent: PendingIntent =
            PendingIntent.getActivity(context,0, intent, 0)

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The issue

was that two PendingINtent have same requestCode (second params of getActivity())

The solution

is two have unique/disticnt request code

  val pendingIntent: PendingIntent =
            PendingIntent.getActivity(context, Random.nextInt(), intent, 0)
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Random.nextInt() made the trick for me.


To schedule the notification I have used WorkManager but want to make the request be unique so as not to be scheduled each time user open the app.

What I used:


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  • AppConstants.QUEOTES_NOTIFICATION_WORKER_ID is uniqueWorkName
  • ExistingPeriodicWorkPolicy.KEEP If there is existing pending (uncompleted) work with the same unique name, do nothing. Otherwise, insert the newly-specified work.

Fire Worker Immediately:

I want to make my periodic worker start immediately i.e run for the first time without waiting for the first iteration of the scheduling


add next to worker request .setInitialDelay(-1, TimeUnit.MINUTES)

make Periodic tasks start after some time:

We may need our periodic worker to start from future time instead of now, with latest WorkManager this is allowed for both OneTimeWorkRequest and PeriodicWorkRequest with help of .setInitialDelay(10, TimeUnit.MINUTES)

Hope this adds new knowledge for you, meet next time.

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