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AWS integration with VS Code

VS Code is the first choice of most of the developers today. From writing and debugging code to pushing it to GitHub, we can also deploy to cloud.

For example,

AWS has on official extension for VS Code (AWS Toolkit). It can be installed from the VS Code extension marketplace.

(Considering you have an AWS account)

First things first:

  1. Install the extension.

  2. Connect to AWS using your own ACCESS KEY.

(To get the access key, just login to the AWS console. Goto username on top, select 'My Security Credentials', then goto 'Access keys for CLI, SDK, & API access' section. Create a new access key if you don't have one.)

  1. Go back to AWS click connect to aws, enter any unique name, then access key id and then secret access key.

You are done setting up the extension!

It offers following services:

  1. Develop serverless applications locally and then deploy them to an AWS account.

  2. Listing and deleting AWS CloudFormation stacks.

  3. Listing and invoking AWS Lambda functions.

  4. Select any region from the region explorer.

To use the toolkit for developing serverless applications on AWS, you need to have following things installed locally:

  1. AWS CLI
  3. Docker

That is it!

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