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Manan Joshi
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I made this Covid-19 tracker. Please leave your thoughts

Trying to make the best use of my lockdown time and being tired of answering all the numerous questions that my friends and family asked me about the pandemic, I made this covid19 tracker to track cases all around the world. It's open-source so feel free to check out the Github repo. You can also check out the live version here. Here's a short gif that shows the tracker in action

GitHub logo manan30 / covid19-tracker

Application to track Covid 19 around the world.

Covid-19 Tracker

A global tracker to track to the Covid-19 pandemic. Made this during the lockdown time making the best use of it.

Thanks to the NovelCovid API for making the data readily accessible.

Check out the live demo here

To run the app locally

  • Clone the repo: git

  • Install dependencies: npm install

  • Run the app: npm start

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in the discussion section below.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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mzaini30 profile image

I create this too:

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Ashish Kumar Singh

I made it too :P But just India specific.