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Why we've to use Redux. The Problem it solved.

In this tutorial, I'll show you

1) What is Redux,
2) Why We've to learn Redux
3) Which specific problem solved by Redux
4) Why Redux is Beautiful and we must learn it to become a pro React Developer.

What is Redux:

  1. Redux is A Predictable State Management Library Manage Whole Applications State
  2. Redux Follow Single Source of Truth Behave Consistence - Do Exactly What in Reducer
  3. Redux is a Library or Framework Independent.
  4. Redux Can work with -
    • React JS
    • Vue JS
    • Angular
  5. Persistence Data could be saved across whole application Can prevent all re-render

What was the Problem of a normal Data communication in React Application

Let's assume, we have a simple E-commerce application. So, here will be the data storage system of this

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