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Call to Join Opensource Project : OSINT for Epidemics and Virus outbreaks like Corona Virus

I am planning to bring some good developers, universities, research institutes on board to develop an OSINT ( Open Source Intelligent System) for Human Race Health issues. Whatever your expertise, I believe you can contribute.

Further, I am contacting different institutions for funding this open source project and help financially to backers and developers involved in this project.

This project is opened in Github Official Opensource repo.

OSINT for Epedemics and Virus outbreaks like Corona Virus #227

Project description

Today everyone know about Corona Virus and how lethal it is to humans and economies.

History is full of such breakouts by lethal microorganisms.

Can we develop a OSINTS ( Open Source Intelligent System) that can help world medical scientist, doctors , government or even common person to understand the old / new diseases breaking out to humans in different geographical areas.

For example, one can see on map how Corona Virus is moving from one location to other. Rate of infection etc.

I am living in a very developing country - India. We recently get ourselves rid of polio virus. But this is still not fool proof. Also my country suffers from malaria and dengue caused by mosquitoes. The later is lethal.

Relevant Technology

I don't know what can be best technologies to implement for this OSINTS. However, AI and big-data relevant technologies can help in this project

Complexity and required time


  • [ ] Beginner - This project requires no or little prior knowledge of the technolog(y|ies) specified to contribute to the project
  • [ ] Intermediate - The user should have some prior knowledge of the technolog(y|ies) to the point where they know how to use it, but not necessarily all the nooks and crannies of the technology
  • [x ] Advanced - The project requires the user to have a good understanding of all components of the project to contribute

Required time (ETA)

  • [ ] Little work - A couple of days
  • [ ] Medium work - A week or two
  • [x ] Much work - The project will take more than a couple of weeks and serious planning is required


  • [ ] Mobile app
  • [ ] IoT
  • [ ] Web app
  • [ ] Frontend/UI
  • [ x] AI/ML
  • [ ] APIs/Backend
  • [ ] Voice Assistant
  • [ ] Developer Tooling
  • [ ] Extension/Plugin/Add-On
  • [ ] Design/UX
  • [ ] AR/VR
  • [ ] Bots
  • [ ] Security
  • [ ] Blockchain
  • [ x] Futuristic Tech/Something Unique

If you are on board, comment below that I am in . Lets create a core team who can visualize and answer various queries on github.

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