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Create your own Operating Systems: From 0 to 1

Hello friends,

I came across this few days ago. However, this is 4 year old project by Tuhdo and still active.

This project doesn't require you to be very expert in linux . If you are 15+ , you are welcome to create your own Operating System.

Special note to my readers:

  1. Revisit my article -desktop in docker. Compare the importance of kernel etc between LXC and docker. List the resources you need to build a great OS which is compatible with morden containers technology.
  2. I mentioned gvisor in many articles. This is google project. Your new OS may be inspired from it.

  3. You can also create your own distro. If you need a desktop operating systems then, you need Desktop Environment.

  4. Easiest way to create desktop environment is to alter the script of already available desktop. For example, you can change folder icon with yours own folder icon by putting a file inside .

  5. There is something more about hardwares: Intel is doing a project it's called clearos. They wanted to create a distribution which is more compatible with Intel.

  6. There is site called "Distrowatch". Once you are done , please share there.

Visit this tutorial on GitHub:

You are most welcome to join my team

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Also you are most welcome to join OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENT SYSTEM (OSINT) if you can help in open source project regarding safeguarding humans from various diseases like CORONA outbreak

Contact email:

If you have any problem, our team is also engaged in professional consultancy and delivery.

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