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Why Microsoft buys NPM ?

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The npm package manager becomes part of GitHub. Announcements about this appeared on both the GitHub blog and the npm blog .

On the npm blog, project founder Isaac Schlüter emphasizes "npm, which you know, does not go anywhere." He expresses confidence that for the project this is a change for the better, and says that he will continue to work on it.

And in a post from GitHub head Net Friedman, it says:

“For millions of developers using the npm public registry every day, it will always be available and will always be free. After the transaction is completed, we will focus on:

Investing in registry infrastructure and platform. The JavaScript ecosystem is massive and rapidly evolving. She needs a reliable registry. We will make the necessary investments to ensure npm is fast, reliable and scalable.

Improving the experience of its use . We will work to make developers and maintainers more comfortable, and we will support the excellent work already begun on the npm v7 CLI, which will remain free and open. Among the big features that inspire us are Workspaces , as well as improvements in publishing and multi-factor authentication.
Community engagement .
We will work closely with the JavaScript community to get your ideas to help shape the future of npm.

And looking further into the future, we integrate GitHub and npm to increase the security of the entire open source logistics chain and allow you to track the change from Github’s pull request to the npm package version with the fix. ”

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