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A Fundamental Guide To The Development Of YouTube Clone Application

Creating an application is neither a child’s play nor rocket Science. It is essential to plan things out not to get stuck in the middle to develop any application. 

The usage of mobile phones is increasing every day, so are YouTube viewers. The users’ main reason is to stay updated about celebrities and society-related topics. Why can’t this be the reason for you to start a YouTube Clone app as a business?  That’s the reason why we’re here to explain things to you. Let’s get started.  

For any application, though the application is free to use online, its development takes a fortune to spend a lot of time and effort. Apart from that, it requires a team of members to be put together, project management problems, etc.

Moreover, to create an app such as a YouTube clone, it is necessary to consider more critical points to make users’ experience smoother and hindrance free. 

Application Development

Market Research:

Do not jump into coding as the first and foremost step of app development. The coding part is neglected here because of the confusion it may bring if done without any plan. 

For development, it is important to hear some potentially-crucial feedback from customers. This must be done along with market research and ideas. The reason for doing this is because it could save you a lot of money.  

When everything is planned, and you know about competitors’ strategies, you could design the next move with clarity. 

Go For A Template:

When going for the development of the application, things would be more comfortable in the development process if you have a template. The template would save you a lot of time from creating an essential feature. 

In this case, you know that you are about to begin the Youtube clone app, which has all of the essential and basic features. The necessary frontend development would involve a somewhat colossal amount, but the template usage would save it.

Create The App In A Single Platform:

Creating the app on both iOS and Android platforms may make the development process more complicated and money consuming. Not to mention the difficulty in understanding the app. 

Launch your application in just one platform so that it is time-efficient and straightforward. 

Building The Frontend And Backend Of The App: 

The frontend is the most critical aspect of the app’s success. Since it is the app’s primary aspect, it should be clear, simple, attractive, and user-friendly. The mobile application can be developed as a native, web, or hybrid.

Backend is the phase where developers start to create the app. Most of the app development process takes place in this stage. Some significant aspects of the backend are storing or retrieving data, API generation, and business rules. 

With this, your app would have been built.

YouTube Clone Script:

While all these may appear to be teeth pulling tasks, there is another solution: the YouTube Clone script. The script is one that is readily available and integrable. 

All the back-end, front-end developments, and the coding part are left to the developers, while your work would only be to choose special features to add to the app. You wouldn’t need a team of members, neither would you want to do everything by yourself. Everything here is your choice. 

Feedback Of Users Or Friends:

Having built your app, you can get feedback from various people like your friends or co-workers at any startups. Ask feedback from the potential users to make yourself more understanding about what the users are expecting. This is like a loop cycle. You can always learn what they want. 

By collecting feedback, you could become more experienced. Make the changes that could generate users. Collect feedback by participating in some events or meetings. Post something about your app on the social media platform. 

The more you collect feedback, the more you could use them that can be made as a stepping stone.

Promotion Of The App:

After creating the app, launch it on the play store. Let the world know about your app. Promotion after the launch of the app is a must. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora to write blogs and answers regarding your app. Make a crisp video presentation. 

Features Of The App:

Simple features you can add to your Youtube Clone Application:

  • Search: Everyone well knows the feature. It lets users search videos by names. To make it memorable, you may add some filters to the search. 
  • Addition of videos: The addition of videos is more comfortable with the drag and drop feature. It lets users upload multiple videos to the app. 
  • Thumbnail: With the picture’s preview, there are several options one can select to be uploaded as a thumbnail.
  • Live streaming: The feature would allow your app to be famous for a particular set and another wave of the audience. 
  • Playlist for user: The personalization of the playlist may give the user more entertainment options. 
  • Multi-Channel management: By this feature, the user is allowed to have an option to upload more contents from one or more channels. 
  • Notifications: They let the user know if any deals or offers are available from the premium product or the channel they have subscribed to.
  • Analytics: The analytics of comparative study, viewership status shows you the statistics of the videos uploaded and how you could concentrate on the work.


We have seen the main points to start a YouTube clone application, and we also noticed that it does seem to be possible with proper planning. So, start planning and launch your wagon without any delays. Due to this success, business owners are investing in building mobile application and associating with reliable and experienced Mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brill Mindz.

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