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Must-Have Features To Grow Your Online Food Delivery Business Like Zomato

Manu HD
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Before thinking about being successful, first, know the customer’s needs and their likes.

The business will be successful if you can view things from your customer’s point. 

Considering how everyone gets benefited from using this technology, it is unavoidable to have the following features while developing an app.

Before developing a Zomato clone app, there are certain features you need to know to build an app for your food business.


Using a food delivery app becomes more comfortable when there is a push notification.

Having push notifications is one of the best marketing tools to enhance the app. 

However, with time the utility of push notifications has also changed by providing information about their latest usable promo codes, offers, discounts,location-based orders, and so on.

Try to manage and send push notifications regularly in a way that improves your Zomato clone app.

Ensure your on-demand food ordering app that has value to the notifications rather than usual information. Keep your customers updated about discounts, special offers, and loyalty programs. This way, you can quickly grab the customer’s attention and engage them.


Understand who your customers are and try to include filters like having different food varieties because many use the food-delivery application only to order a specific kind of food. 

So, let’s say you are offering a variety of food. You must have a filter system to find their desired cuisines by sorting name, restaurant, location, food category, and many more.

Moreover, do include your Zomato clone script having features allowing them to choose the latest offers with free delivery.

For instance, if a customer wants to have Chinese food at an affordable price and wants to get it delivered soon, then enable them to find it with your filter system.


One of the first reasons why a customer may be more interested in ordering online than dining is that they’ve had a hectic and a long day and want to go home. It is easier for them to have the food delivered and get over the day they stopped by for a food pickup.

People choose to order food on mobile apps instead of making a phone call to keep their data safe. So, it becomes your duty and concern to keep their information and payment process safe.

Include as many payment options as available to have a better customer experience. For instance, many generally prefer to use debit cards. We can use online payment processors like COD, UPI, Netbanking, etc.


Almost all users will immediately check for ratings and reviews while ordering their food online. So, know what your customer wants as every business cares for its customers. Out of all features, one of the must-have on your app is reviews and ratings with feedback.

This feature also allows your customers to rate and review various other restaurants on the app and know how customers respond to your app.


Do not hesitate to invest in a custom-built website to get started as search engines like Google can read your website and help you get embedded on the list of searches. Focus on creating a unique, attractive, and social media-friendly website that allows you to be easily featured by search engines when prompted.

Having a website will enable you to market your business online and act as a free source of constant traffic to your website that increases your business and brings more visits and traffic to your website.


One of the essential features is tracking their food’s location through real-time GPS. The GPS offers two-way tracking that helps track the user’s location and delivers the food to the destined place. Users can also easily track the whereabouts of the delivery person. 


Many companies are opting for mobile app development for food delivery. Developing food delivery apps helped and enabled everyone like users who receive food at their doorstep anytime, hotels/restaurant’s business also improved amid any situation like during pandemic, rain, etc.

Since the online food delivery apps business is skyrocketing, having these features will help scale your business with the current market trends.

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