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Google Maps API Alternatives You Should Try Out For Your On-Demand App [Top 10 Alternatives]

Digital maps on smartphones are a great innovation, and it is now apt to say smartphones have the ‘world’ in them. For years altogether, the use of these digital maps has enhanced. Be it the directions to a restaurant in a few miles or a long tour across the state, maps grant the assurance that we’re heading in the right direction. As an undisputed king of the proximity-tech world, Google’s Google Maps has been the predominant force steering people to move from one place to another accurately. 

However, are there any alternatives to Google Maps? With navigation becoming increasingly popular and inevitable, companies are coming up with better map applications. The on-demand app market forecasts exponential growth, and the core idea of these on-demand apps is accurate navigation and transparency in services. 

Are you an entrepreneur eyeing to launch an on-demand app but hesitating to stick with Google Maps API? This blog discusses the top 10 best alternatives for Google Maps to try out on your on-demand app. 

How are Map applications ruling the on-demand sector? 

Before stepping into the details, let’s look at how Map APIs are helping the on-demand sector. 

  • Integrating the API will help the admin manage resources wisely. 
  • Customers can track service providers in real-time, leading to accuracy and transparency. 
  • Service providers can navigate to customer locations effortlessly via the most-optimized route. 

Thus it is clear that the entire on-demand ecosystem depends on Map APIs for efficient functioning. 

What are the prerequisites before choosing a Map API?

Comparing different alternatives is an ideal way to settle for your best fit. However, there are specific prerequisites that can make your search more comfortable and efficient. They include, 

  • The number of app users: It is wise to identify and analyze the number of users who use your platform. This step is crucial because the functioning and efficiency of these APIs differ with the number of users. For example, the free limit of Google Maps API is 25,000 map views per day. 
  • Predetermine your budget: Many Map APIs come with the freemium model (partially free + partially paid). However, some are entirely free to use. Hence, predetermine your budget and take necessary action accordingly. For example, Google Maps follows the freemium model, and Open Street Maps are entirely free. 
  • User-friendly interface: Getting hands-on experience with the Map application will lead to better decision-making from the entrepreneur’s side. Ensure that that API is lucid, easy-to-use, and up-to-date. 

Top Alternatives

Now that you have a straightforward approach to why Map APIs are crucial and how to select them, it is time to look at the top 10 alternatives for Google Maps. Let’s dive straight in. 

#1 Bing Maps 

Arguably the most formidable competitor of Google, Microsoft, launched Bing Maps as part of the Bing Suite in 2005. Bing Maps comes with advanced attributes like the aerial view, road view, venue maps, and 3D maps. 

The software uses color variants like green, yellow, red, and black to display traffic updates in different regions. Features like entering additional stops, sharing routes across social media platforms, etc., make Bing Maps highly reliable among the audience. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows

#2 Waze

Although Google acquired the company Waze in 2013, Waze Maps is a different entity and not a part of Google Maps. Waze is best-suited for the driver community, and drivers can share real-time information on accidents, roadblocks, traffic, etc. The platform’s easy-to-use interface makes it easier for riders to understand navigation and access the best possible route. 

One of the notable aspects of Waze is that you can track other users’ activity in your community. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web. 

#3 Here WeGo 

If you have been a Nokia user in the past/present, you would have come across Here Maps. Launched almost 30 years back, this Map application rebranded it as Here WeGo. The software is reliable and offers seamless navigation. Functionalities like voice guidance, offline maps to navigate, etc., enhance the user experience substantially. 

Users can switch between three views while using the application. They include, 

  • Satellite view – For an enhanced aerial view of a particular locality. 
  • Traffic view – To analyze real-time traffic information in different areas. 
  • Transport view – To get a detailed overview of different transport facilities. 

The app’s captivating interface makes it a tough competitor to Google Maps API. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Web. 


An entirely free application that encompasses almost every aspect of Google Maps comprehensively is the software. One of the significant advantages of is that it uses open-source data for its content. This attribute enables it to provide accurate results as the system updates in real-time. 

Other functionalities like turn-by-turn navigation, offline maps, etc., make an excellent platform in the offerings. Besides, the platform enables you to browse via categories like cafes, gas stations, malls, etc. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Blackberry 

#5 MapQuest 

MapQuest is another popular Map application that is known for its voice-guided navigation and up-to-date satellite imagery. The platform comes preloaded with exciting elements like a calorie calculator, optimized hiking routes, live vector maps, etc. 

Besides, users can avail of instant roadside assistance in case of vehicle breakdown, leading to enhanced satisfaction. Moreover, it comes with a cab price comparison aspect as well. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows. 

#6 Citymapper 

Citymapper is best-known for its information on public transport, aiding people in their daily commute. The smart travel planner platform provides real-time data on bus and train stations and their departures. The platform includes features like favorite a particular station/vehicle, add additional stops, etc. 

Users can access the live timetable, the platform number where buses/trains will arrive, etc. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS. 

#7 CoPilot – GPS Navigation

Planning a route and reaching a destination has never been this easy. CoPilot GPS is gradually gaining the spotlight even though it is a paid application. The platform comes with full offline support and massive mapping data, making it highly reliable for navigation. 

Powerful route planning and user-friendly directions make the platform a ‘go-to’ option for most drivers. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS. 

#8 Polaris GPS Navigation 

Unlike other navigation apps, Polaris GPS Navigation turns the phone into a smart navigation hub and comes in handy during hiking, hunting, sailing, etc. The app is known for its accurate data and is entirely free to use. 

Cutting-edge features with GPS compass, waypoint photography, altitude, speedometer, etc., enhance engagement rates drastically. 

Compatibility: Android 

#9 Apple Maps

This map API comes preloaded on all Apple devices, making it highly popular. Launched in 2012, the app sailed past the gloomy phase after rectifying glitches and errors. Details of local businesses, turn-by-turn navigation, etc., are some advanced features that add quality to Apple Maps. 

The map app comes with Augmented Reality flyovers, detailed reviews on landmarks, etc. 

Compatibility: iOS 

#10 BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

The platform helps people retrace their location with smart location-sharing options. The platform’s excellent topography makes it hard to ignore for adventurers and hikers. 

Users can manually enter latitude/longitude coordinates into the platform as well. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS. 


We hope this blog would have provided you with quality insights on some of the best Google Maps alternatives to consider during your Mobile app development company in bangalore. Our seasoned team of experts at Brillmindz is well-versed in providing end-to-end app development solutions, right from project ideation to app launch. 

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