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Khutso siema
Khutso siema

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Why do you write code??

I get asked this question alot because it normally looks like I enjoy what I do. Actually, the real question is why do I write code?

I personally code because it gives me enjoyment. I don’t think I have ever had a job more satisfying than coding and solving problems, Creating web sites and web applications feels like something i was always ment to do,i don't see myself doing anything else.

What are your reasons??

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Its about the feeling, when you create a lot of characters and in the last step it works, that give a feeling no body can understand it

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Aleph Santos Oliveira

Simple question, complex answer. Today I code because it is the skill I focused for some years and I think it would be a waste not work with that. In the beginning I just want to make some games, but I did not knew how to write a single line on my own, so i though it will be better to learn programming instead. Some years after and a bunch of privileges, I get very well payed. Today I code cuz It is my job, the way I put food on the table, like any other.

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Josiah Roa

I've always loved building with legos and learning web development feels just like that. I also have always loved messing around with computers and have always wondered how it all works together. Coding seems to make me super happy and I couldn't see myself in any other career.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Because it's interesting.

More generally, I find engineering fascinating in a really rewarding way, but it's kind of hard to do most kinds of engineering other than software development without spending a lot of money on it as a hobby (or in some cases getting special licenses or specific types of job).

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Hee Z

I wanted to be a hacker when I was 16. Guys like me at that age really admire hackers. I guess write code is another way to complete my dream of past.

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Swastik Baranwal

I wanted to learn to code when I wanted to make my Pokemon game 3 years ago but now it's my passion.