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PHP CodeIgniter framework - Features that every developer should know

Marie Weaver
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CodeIgniter MVC framework is an open-source tool kit designed exclusively for web developers looking out for feature-loaded libraries. These libraries play a crucial role in fastening up the entire web development process. The functions such as file upload, email and session management are present in the database and need to be called in the code as per the requirement.

It will not be wrong to comment that there is surely no better alternative than CodeIgniter if one talks of speed. As a result, it still manages to retain its space in the niche where other alternatives, such as Laravel, also exist.

Extremely Small Footprint: This is one of the most convincing reasons that make CodeIgniter so popular, the latest version 4 has only 1.2mb of download and the user guide takes another 6mb.

No Complexity: CodeIgniter is not complex at all. This is one of the significant reasons it is a preferred pick amongst beginner developers; the MVC framework is easy to master.

CodeIgniter Is Serious About Security: In CodeIgniter, there is present built-in security against XSS and CSRF attacks. Not only this, version 4 supports security features such as CSP and context-sensitive escaping.

Great Performance: If we compare the performance dynamics, CodeIgniter easily outplays the competition in terms of consistency, and this is why CodeIgniter is better than the other counterpart frameworks.

Zero Configuration Required: Most of the configuration part comes under convention models, and this is why the developers need to call in the scripts present in the config folder.
Looking at the features, it can be said that CodeIgniter is easy to learn and embrace.

Why CodeIgniter Is Better Than Other Frameworks?

There are many reasons that make CodeIgniter a preferred MVC framework compared to other alternates; let us check why CodeIgniter is better.

  • CodeIgniter provides developers with easy relocation from and to the server, reducing the development time dramatically.
  • CodeIgniter is lightweight, and the presence of such huge libraries makes it functional too.
  • The execution time in CodeIgniter is by far the quickest, and this is the factor that attracts the developers the most.
  • The coding part in this framework is very little, the programs are present in the libraries, which means that the developers will not require chasing out those third-party libraries at all.
  • With CodeIgniter, error handling is easy as the programmers need to write a single line code, and the errors would appear in front, which ensures no coding-related issues later.

Another big reason why CodeIgniter is used by developers more is that the projects are template-based, and these give a clear idea of the project right from the beginning. The performance can be tested at multiple stages of the project, which helps big time in error handling later.

Key Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced CodeIgniter Development Company

When planning to hire CodeIgniter Developer, it is essential to go with an expert as the only one will be able to get professionally developed apps. CodeIgniter supports custom development, with an expert team chance of getting a practicable app developed to increase manifold.

There are lots of hidden benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled CodeIgniter development company, these are:

  • A trained team will have the required skills to extract the best features of this PHP framework into the website application.
  • Only experienced developers master the art of project analysis. Thus it is essential to go with the ones who carefully evaluate the web application requirements and then come out with the most practical solution.
  • It is vital to go with the company that works strategically. This ensures that error-free implementation of the plans would be carried out to satisfy the client's web app development needs.
  • There are only a few experienced developers that know how to work on third-party apps. If the project requires integrating payment gateways and social media components, they would be of commendable help.
  • The services that any good programmer will offer include e-commerce development, module development, and third-party API integration.

Only credible web development companies offer best-in-class web application support services for both maintenance and upgrades, and this factor should be considered while making the final choice. By looking at the existing CodeIgniter portfolio, things would get clear, and selecting a capable development team would become quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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