How do you look after your circulation?

markbloomfield profile image Markus ・1 min read

Right leg crossed over left, or left over right. Or perhaps right leg under left, or left under right.

☝️ I cycle through the above configurations and more, probably 50 times a day. But still, lately I'm finding that I get pins and needles more often, and for longer periods.

Sore legs

How do you guys find you look after your circulation when sitting for so long?

I've been thinking of getting a bench or 'ledge' to put at my feet to rest with my legs up, instead of tucking them under me or something.

I have a 3 monitor setup, so setting up a standing desk would be impractical.

I'd love some suggestions/thoughts for how others deal with this occupational hazard :)


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vasilegoian profile image
Vasile Goian

I drink a lot of liquids (coffee, water, soda) and I have to take often bathroom breaks. I keep myself hydrated and I do "cardio" at the same time.

No really, I'm trying to start a routine each morning consisting of a few stretches and some easy gymnastic exercises. Also, I try to take regular breaks from sitting at my desk to help my eyes rest and to stretch my legs and back.

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Tariq Ali

I routinely exercise every day before I even use the computer.

Also, when I'm using my laptop, I put it on top of an empty box (and put that empty box on top of a desk). By putting my laptop on an empty box, I immediately turn my boring old desk into a standing desk, which, of course, forces me to stand and keep my circulation strong.

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Ben Halpern

How are your routines regarding getting up and walking around? And have you considered a standing desk?

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Markus Author

Ya I've made it a habit to walk around every 1-2 hours for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, as mentioned I have a 3 monitor setup so a standing desk isn't an option ATM.