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The Next Generation of Digital Identity

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where you can explore and chat with people from all over the globe in a shared, immersive space. Metaverse has been compared to Facebook's Spaces feature because it allows users to create an avatar of themselves and interact with other avatars in their shared virtual world. Metaverse has also launched its own augmented reality glasses called Meta Frames which allow users to see digital objects overlaid onto real-world spaces around them through their lenses.

So What is Metaverse Anyway?

It's a question with a surprisingly difficult answer: what is Metaverse? Metaverse is an AR space that has been developed by Facebook, which you might know from things like the social media platform and instant messaging service. Metaverse allows users to create their own worlds or spaces that can be explored via an application on your phone. Metaverse offers some really cool features such as 360-degree video capture and more! Metaverse's augmented reality glasses, Meta Frames, allow users to overlay digital objects onto their real-world surroundings. Metaverse is a virtual space that has some really cool features and it isn't just limited to VR either!

From Social Media Site To Virtual World

Some people might remember Metaverse as the social media site Facebook was working on before it started its second iteration of Spaces in 2017 which allowed users to create avatars for themselves and explore other spaces created by other people who are also using this platform. It seems like Metaverse could potentially be an even bigger deal than what many had originally thought when looking at the 2020 launch date because the AR experience it provides looks pretty awesome so far. Of course, we'll have to wait until Metaverse is actually released to the public, but Metaverse promises a lot of things that could make it worth looking into.

So What Does Metaverse Look Like Right Now?

As I mentioned earlier, Metaverse offers some really cool features such as 360-degree video capture. Also, has its own AR glasses called Meta Frames which allow users to see digital objects overlaid onto real-world spaces through their lenses. The virtual space itself looks pretty amazing so far - take a look at the trailer below:

Replace the word "the metaverse" in a sentence with "cyberspace." The meaning of the sentence will not usually be altered 90% of the time.

The idea of the metaverse is, at its essence, a grandiose vision—a fully simulated world in which we may all participate. It's no surprise that people who are promoting such things as NFTs —cryptographic tokens that can be used to certify ownership of a digital asset—also embrace the concept of the metaverse.

It's vital to note all of this because while it may be tempting to compare today's proto-metaverse concepts to the early internet and assume that everything will improve and develop in a straight line, that isn't a given. There's no assurance that people will want to hang out in a virtual office or play Texas Hold'em with Dreamworks Mark Zuckerberg if they don't have legs, much less whether VR and AR technology will ever become seamless enough to compete with smartphones and PCs.

It's also possible that any genuine "metaverse" would simply be some cool VR games and digital avatars in Zoom chats.

How Can I Get Metaverse's AR Experience?

As I said Metaverse is only a really optimistic plan for the near future, and right now you can't get your hands on this experience since there are no headsets available for purchase yet however Facebook said that Meta will be launching in near future, so if you're interested in this new technology or sphere, call it as you want, you should read me further, and I'll tell you more about new features about it and not only :)

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